A Class Catamaran

A Class catamaran

A Class catamaran

The A class catamaran has been around since the early 1960’s and has undergone a steady evolution since. With the exception of a few measurement restrictions, class designs are pretty much “anything goes”.

In 1956, the “A-Division-Catamaran-Class” was founded as a free construction class by the former “International Yacht Racing Union” in England and still belongs to one of the oldest and most active catamaran classes in the world. Due to a minimum of construction rules such as length, width and sail area it has been possible for the numerous designers to develop a boat outstanding performance.

This led to the fact that the A-Cat as a multihull has become a pure high-tech boat and is now days considered as the formula one among all the sailing boats. Modern materials such as carbon and kevlar are being used for the mass production of hulls and masts, a potential of development which has been recognized and approved by modern industries, whereas others still satisfy with glassfibre and aluminium masts.

The A Class catamaran is certainly not a beginners boat !

Length : 5.49m
Beam : 2.3m
Weight : 75kg
Sail Area : 13.94m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 753