Ajax 23 Yacht / Sailboat

Ajax 23

Ajax 23

The Ajax 23 yacht is a 23 foot open keel boat which combines lively blue water and coastal sailing with excellent heavy weather performance. It was designed by Oliver Lee of Burnham in 1966 and was constructed in GRP by Halmatic. The first Ajax 23 yacht was produced in 1967, with most of the boats built in 1968 and a few in more recent years. It continues to enjoy a strong following in the UK with active fleets at St. Mawes and Falmouth.

The Ajax Class is one of the keenest racing classes and has strict One Design rules. Racing is held throughout the summer on the River Orwell and in Dovercourt Bay and it is common to see turnouts of up to 16 boats. The Championships are held alternate years at the RHYC and St. Mawes and there is an annual picnic day cruise to Erwarton beach or to the Walton Backwaters.

The Ajax 23 yacht makes for exciting coastal sailing but is also happy in heavy weather conditions. It is an excellent seaboat and at least one has crossed the Channel double-handed. It has a very active Class Association, which lists over 60 boats worldwide. Whilst most of these are in St. Mawes but some have been traced in locations as far afield as Australia and Canada. The Class is renowned for its friendly owners, and many boats are co-owned.


Length : 7.07m
Beam : 1.95m
Weight : 854kg
Sail Area : 20m sq

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