Blaze Sailing Dinghy

Blaze sailing dinghy

Blaze sailing dinghy

The Blaze sailing dinghy was designed and built by Ian Howlett and John Caig in the mid 90’s, and marketed by Topper International from the year 2000. The sail and boom of the Blaze dinghy have been changed over time and as a result there are now three distinct versions of the Blaze.

Blaze Version 1

The original Blaze had a 10.2 sq metre fully battened sail which proved difficult to handle in any real breeze for many helms. As a result the The Blaze class association brought about changes to the sail and boom. These included

– ping some of the excessive leech of the sail
– use of carbon boom
– redesigned partially battened sail of 10 sq metres with battens at the top of the sail only meaning power can be spilled from the sail so making the dinghy easier to handle.

Blaze Version 2

Marketed as the ‘Blaze X’
Blaze Version 3

Released in 2008 with a a re engineered deck and changes to layout and fittings.

The Blaze has a very active class association which has been involved in development of the dinghy throughout. In 2006 manufacturing of the Blaze moved from Topper International to Cirrus Raceboats in conjunction with Rondar. The Blaze sailing dinghy can accommodate helms from around 11 to 16 stone.

Length : 4.2m
Beam : 2.4 (max)
Weight : 72
Sail Area : 10.2 (semi rigid)
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1046