Boat / Yacht Trailers

Choosing the correct trailer for your boat is crucial for successful trailer sailing. Choosing the right trailer will get you and your boat anywhere you want to go safely and easily. When transported on a trailer, your boat should be supported across the hull, with the weight of the hull, engine and equipment evenly distributed. A trailer that doesn’t spread support evenly can actually damage the boat hull.

Here are some tips and points to consider.

1. Your trailer must be able to carry not only the weight of your boat but also your engine, gear and fuel.

2. With regards to wheels generally ‘the bigger the better’. 14″ wheels are the best.

3. Wheel bearings are a major weak point on trailers, especially those that are regularly immersed in water. Protector caps which contain extra grease help prolong the bearing life.

4. Pay attention to the galvanizing on your trailer. The best type is one galvanized to British Standard BS 729. If possible avoid the spray on type of galvanizing as it doesn’t not offer as much protection. Rubber end caps on the chassis members will help keep water out and so reduce corrosion.

5. Rollers on a trailer which can swivel and pivot as well as revolve make launching and recovery easier than bunks or rubber slides.

6. Some trailers allow boats to be launched and recovered without submerging the trailer. These obviously prolong trailer life.

7. A winch for launching and recovery makes life much easier.

8. It is often said that depending on the particular boat, a good rule of thumb is to spend 10% of its cost on a road trailer.