Byte Sailing Dinghy

byte sailing dinghy

Byte sailing dinghy

The Byte dinghy is 12-foot long and was designed for the single sailor in the 100 to 165 lb range. It was designed by Ian Bruce who put his 18 years of experience with the Laser dinghy plus the building of the Finn, International 14, Contender, Fireball, 470, Optimist, Tornado hull, Tasar and Laser II into the design and development of the Byte.

The byte dinghy has a dedicated class following and is the ideal next step for students that have grown out of the Optimist but are not heavy enough for a Laser, and some individuals never get heavy enough for a Laser.

The Byte weight is anywhere between 90 and 160 lbs with the optimum all-round, all-weather weight for racing being 120 – 145 lbs.

Length : 3.65m
Beam : 1.3m
Weight : 0
Sail Area : 5.6m Sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1160