Fleets: Sunfish Fleet Laser Fleet GP-14 Fleet CRYC has fleet racing most Sundays from May until late Octoober, with a frost bite series for Lasers and Sunfish in November. No need to own and maintain your own boat: If you already know how to sail, You can join as a Community Sailing Member and sail any of the club owned Community Sailing boats that you qualify on. Qualifying is as simple as launching, rigging, sailing upwind and returning safely to the dock. The Membership fee is all you pay. You can make as many reservations on line as you like and there is no additional fee. It''s a great deal. Friendly Helpful Environment: CRYC has many very experienced and many novice sailors blended together all enjoying the sport of sailing. The experienced sailors have all learned by making mistakes and having positive experiences as well. We all realize there is more then one way to accomplish the same task, and sharing our ideas on how to accomplish something can be very helpful. Use of CRYC Kayaks and Canoes: CRYC has six(6) sit in kayaks (Blue), six(6) sit on kayaks (yellow), and 6 Canoes (red) that members can use. They are available on a first come first serve bases. Life jackets should be worn at all times while in Kayaks or Canoes. If you planned to sailing and there is not enough wind, Try a kayak for some thing different. Rummer has it that you can make it all the way to King''s Highway in Haddonfield.


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