Cobra 700 Yacht / Sailboat

The Cobra 700 yacht was designed by David Feltham, his efficient use of space means that it has the feel of a much bigger boat whilst remaining extremely attractive in design. It can be sailed as a small family boat and is safe and sturdy. It is the smallest of the Cobra range and is designed as a budget family cruiser. The boat can be taken on short cruises and island hopping and is plenty comfortable for these trips. The Cobra 700 has sufficient headroom at 1.8 metres, it has a high freeboard and generous beam.

The Cobra 700 is designed with a streamlined underwater shape and it is ideally suited to moderate seafaring conditions. Cobra 700s seem to inspire loyalty in their owners as many have owned them from new, often for a period of up to 25 years, suggesting the boats are good sailors. There were only 50 built, meaning it is a rare and sought after starter boat. It is a comfortable sea kindly yacht which provides remarkable accommodation for its size. The Cobra 700 is manoeuvrable and speedy due to its size but also safe.