E-Scow Sailing Dinghy

E-Scow sailing dinghy

E-Scow sailing dinghy

The E-Scow is smaller version of the A-Scow. Their hull shapes are almost identical, just 10 feet shorter. The class is popular in the USA and has only recently started appearing in Europe. The E Scow was adopted by the Inland Lake Yachting Association in 1924.

With dimensions of 28 feet long, about 7 feet wide, and a sail area of over 870 square feet, the 965 pound One Design can be sailed by three of four people.

The E-Scow is certainly an high performance boat. It has been seen towing water skiers before ! It is a challenging and exciting boat to sail and certainly not for beginners.

Length : 28ft
Beam : 7ft
Weight : 965 pounds
Sail Area : >870 sq ft