Europe Sailing Dinghy

Europe sailing dinghy

Europe sailing dinghy

The Europe is a single-handed racing dinghy sailed throughout the world. A popular class for both men and women, the Europe dinghy was introduced as the Womens single-handed Dinghy Class for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Ideally, Europe sailors fall into the weight range of 55-80kgs, and the mast is set to suit the weight range. At the elite level, women usually fall into the 63-73kg range, with men between 70-80kgs.

The Europe dinghy evolved from the Europe moth and uses carbon fibre technology for the mast. The dinghy itself only weighs 45kgs.

Important features of the International Europe Dinghy are the excellent trimming facilities, which make it a practical possibility to adjust the boat to the sailors height, weight and experience. The mast and the sail can be selected and adjusted to suit the sailor and enable fair competition. Young lady sailors enjoy the Europe dinghy because they can control and race the boat even in strong wind and waves.

The Europe dinghy is very easy to transport. The hull weights only 45 kg and with a length under 3,4 m. permits to load the boat on the roof of a car. The Europe dinghy is built under ISAF Licence (Official Boatbuilders), nevertheless sailors may build their own boats.

In the last forty years the Europe dinghy has increased in quality as a fast attractive racing dinghy. The Class is firmly determined to grow through further geographic expansion.

Length : 3.35m
Beam : 1.38m
Weight : 45kg
Sail Area : 7.5m sq