Hurricane Catamaran

Hurricane catamaran

Hurricane catamaran

The Hurricane 5.9 was designed to put high performance cat sailing within the reach of all sailors at a realistic price. Designed and built by Olympic sailors Reg and Robert White, performance and pedigree are second to none.

The boat is of foam sandwich/carbon hull construction. Tough, strong hulls with perfect strength to weight ratios. No hull flexibility or stiff spots frequently found with other popular cats. The Hurricane has a twin trapeze which allows crew and helm to experience the thrills and exhilaration of trapezing. Twin trapezing delivers more power to the rig and the boat goes faster.

The 8′ 0″ Beam allows the boat to be legally towed fully assembled. Several popular cats selling in the UK have a beam dimension greater than the legal towable maximum. Due to the boat’s design and layout the 5.9 can be sailed safely by a very wide range of crew weights. Active crews on the circuit vary between 18 and 30 stones (combined weight).

The 5. 9 is designed to give Tornado-like performance coupled with smooth, predictable handling. In many conditions the 5.9 will actually outpace the Tornado. The Hurricane enjoys strict one-design racing with no expensive extras. The one-design framework ensures competitive buying and running costs and superb, evenly-matched racing with excellent residual values.

There is an established Class Association which gives Hurricane sailors a great resource.

Length : 5.9m
Beam : 2.43m
Weight : 180kg
Sail Area : 22m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 691