Kestrel Sailing Dinghy

Kestrel sailing dinghy

Kestrel sailing dinghy

Kestrel sailing dinghy The Kestrel is a twin handed GRP dinghy which has the distinction of being the first dinghy to be designed for manufacture in GRP, by Ian Proctor in 1956. It has a conventional spinnaker and no trapeze.

In 1999 Richard Hartley became the sole builder of Kestrels and set about updating the dinghy. The d dinghy conforms to the ideals set out by Ian Proctor, but is built using modern techniques and with d equipment to make a sleeker, stiffer dinghy for the 21st century.

The Kestrel has well mannered sailing characteristics and roomy cockpit with a large stowage area under the foredeck making it ideal for day cruising. At the same time it is one of the fastest non trapeze racing dinghies around capable of tremendous performance off the wind.

The Kestrel seems to go best in open water with winds between force 2 and 3 both to windward and on the run. However, the combination of a stable yet easily driven hull form, moderate to large sail area and lack of any vice in handling, make it possible to achieve good results in almost any wind condition on all points of sailing.

Length : 4.78m
Beam : 1.72m
Weight : 94kg
Sail Area : 9.29m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1038