Laser Funboat Sailing Dinghy

The Laser Funboat is designed for the newcomer for sailing or for general fun sailing. Its an extremely simple boat to rig, maintain and sail. It can rigged very quickly by simply sliding the sail along the mast, pop the mast into the boat and the rudder on the back and your are on your way.

The hull is made from Tecrothene A122 provides a unique combination of strength and rigidity. It is easy to repair and highly resistant to scratching/impact damage. This means that owner can sail the funboat up a beach without worry. As for maintenance, five minutes with a jet wash from time to time will do the job.

The shape and design of Laser Funboat means maximum stability, ease of sailing and fun for all. There’s lots of stability wherever passengers sit. Most small boats have a centerboard that needs to be lowered when going afloat – and raised when coming back. Funboat’s unique shape means there’s no need for a centerboard. So no hassle leaving or returning to the beach. The boom is very high which means lots of room underneath.

Length : 3.90m
Beam : 1.25m
Weight : 70kg
Sail Area : 4.8m sq