Laser Vortex Sailing Dinghy

The Vortex is neither catamaran nor monohull. Equally at home as a performance racer or a holiday resort fun-boat, Laser’s latest offering simply defies description in any normal category.

Laser vortex sailing dinghy

Laser vortex sailing dinghy

The Vortex was designed by Jo Richards, and is intended as a fun boat providing high-performance sailing without the acrobatic skills and athleticism required for some of the more advanced designs. The Vortex will be equally at home as a beach-resort boat, high speed blasting around the bay and lately, as a circuit starts to develop, serious racing.

The wetted surface area is minimal so it flies through the water quickly and quietly. With one hull out of the water almost the entire weight of the boat and pilot are acting as righting moment making it incredibly stable. When things go wrong in a vortex more often than not you get away without a capsize.

Length : 4.2m
Beam : 1.53m
Weight : 65kg
Sail Area : 10.3m sq