Laser 2 Sailing Dinghy

Laser 2 sailing dinghy

Laser 2 sailing dinghy

The Laser 2 is a light and fast two-person dinghy with trapeze and spinnaker. The ideal crew weight is between 120 and 170 kg. This makes the Laser 2 an ideal boat for mixed crews and youth sailors. The Laser 2 is a true high performance one-design dinghy, from the same stable (Bethwaite) as the B14 and 49er.

The fact that the Laser 2 is a strict one-design means that one can have the high performance and incredibly close racing without needing the expensive fittings and equipment which have become a prerequisite to success in other classes – the dreaded “cheque book sailing.” Racing in the Laser 2 class is the most affordable two-person racing available. The regattas are very exciting and invariably have extremely close finishes. Boat speed is a function of the performance of the helm and crew, not of the size of their wallets. The speed of this relatively small boat is simply incredible!

The Laser 2 is solidly built, like the original Laser. Since older boats don’t get soft, they can compete on the same level as new boats without any disadvantage. There are currently about 11000 Laser 2s worldwide. The Laser 2 is an international ISAF class World and European championships alternate on an annual basis. In Ireland the Laser 2 is the boat of choice for those who intend to go on to compete at olympic level in the 470, as well as those who wish to participate in well-organised regattas with a high standard of national-level competition.

Length : 4.39m
Beam : 1.42m
Weight : 79kg
Sail Area : 11.52m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1033