Pacer Sailing Dinghy

Pacer sailing dinghy

Pacer sailing dinghy

The Pacer was originally commissioned by Puffin Paints and Glues in the UK. Noted international boat designer Jack Holt was asked to design a ‘pretty yacht for use by families’.

The concept and design proved to be one of the most successful of Jack Holt’s and soon spread internationally, being sailed in India, Holland, Canada,UK and Australia. The UK association ped the original name of Puffin Pacer in the early ’70s. The Pacer is an easy to handle dinghy for two crew members. The class is used not only for fleet racing, but is quite commonly used for team racing and sail training.

The Pacer has a spinnaker as well as a main and jib, and is large enough to be sailed by two adults. It is noted as a stable craft which displays a great deal of stability in strong winds and choppy seas.

Length : 3.81m
Beam : 1.46m
Weight : 59kg
Sail Area : 7.09m sq