RS200 Sailing Dinghy

The RS200, designed in 1995, is a two person 13′ long modern racing dinghy. It features an uncomplicated asymmetric spinnaker and low sheet loads on the sail controls. It can be sailed by almost anyone, and all up weights of between 16 and 26 Stone can be competitive. This makes it particularly popular for parents to sail with children, or for two adults. They are not a beginners boat however.

An open transom allows the RS200 to virtually self drain after a capsize and a moulded self bailer quickly removes any remaining water. It features a asymmetric spinnaker with single line hoist and system which is very easy to use.

Decent competitive second hand boats can be bought for about £3,500. RS200’s , like many of the RS range hold their vaue extremely well.

Length : 4.0m
Beam : 1.83m
Weight : 78kg
Sail Area : 11.52m sq