Scorpion Sailing Dinghy

Scorpion sailing dinghy

Scorpion sailing dinghy

The Scorpion is a lightweight, high performance, two person racing dinghy. Its adjustable rig enables sailing in all weathers to crews of all weights, ages and experiences. The Scorpion was originally designed for launch and recovery through Cornish surf. Its 14ft hard chine planing hull is built to strict measurements whilst rig controls and cockpit layout are left to personal choice.

The ability to adjust the rig whilst sailing means that the Scorpion can be raced in most conditions. Its lightweight (81kg) gives its excellent acceleration and easily handling ashore.

The class has a strong class association. The website at allows members to keep in touch, and the lively newsletters contain technical articles, advice on tuning and race tactics, and news and views.

Length : 4.27m
Beam : 1.45m
Weight : 81kg
Sail Area : 9.95m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1060


This was the comedy boat we used to use at camping club boating group meets …. to totally soak unsuspecting crew volunteers – the narrow beam and low gunwhales see to that

Hilarious fun to sail, exhilarating, but you won’t win many races if you’ll capsize on average 3 times every race

not for the faint hearted