Topper Buzz Sailing Dinghy

Topper Buzz sailing dinghy

Topper Buzz sailing dinghy

Designed by Ian Howlett, the Topper Buzz is a one design, double handed, single trapeze, asymmetric racing sailboat suitable for young sailors of both sexes as well as lighter weight adults. With a track record and over 500 boats now being sailed in more than a dozen countries around the world, the Buzz has shown itself to be a proven success with a very wide range of todays young (and some not young) sailors.

It has proved easy and safe to sail for newcomers to the sport. With its easy righting after a capsize, due to the sealed mast and low centre of buoyancy and its open transom permitting easy re-boarding and instant draining, the Buzz has proved to be exceptionally safe in strong winds in the hands of the very youngest crew. It is the ideal first asymmetric or for lighter crews who want a fast, fun modern style assymetric boat.

Despite being safe and easy to sail it has proved tactically demanding for the more experienced crews and offers remarkably close racing across a wide range of crew weights and ages. In the recent UK National Championships the first seven races were won by different crews of varying weights (112K 151K), sizes and sex, demonstrating the equality of speed of different combinations.

The UK manufacturers, Topper International Ltd, (manufacturers of the International Topper Singlehander) were the first in the market in 1992 with an inexpensive asymmetric skiff, the ISO. The company’s twin wire skiff, the Boss, was the clear runner up in the recent Torbole Olympic trials. Coming from a company with such a track record the Buzz has a distinct pedigree. It is robust, ensuring a long competitive life and easily constructed to strict tolerances by manufacturers around the world. Furthermore the company has undertaken to make the Buzz available to National Associations at a standard low price (including delivery) worldwide. With many Buzzes now available secondhand in Europe the entry-level price is reduced still further.

Without the spinnaker and trapeze Buzz can be sailed ‘just for fun’. And is fast becoming the definitive asymmetric dinghy in holiday centres and sailing schools both in the UK and abroad.

Length : 4.20m
Beam : 1.92m
Weight : 80kg
Sail Area : 12.85m sq (jib/Main)

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