Topper Spice Sailing Dinghy

Topper Spice sailing dinghy

Topper Spice sailing dinghy

Sailing the SPICE is like being in a baby BOSS: smooth handling coupled with staggering speed. The deep rudder makes manoeuvering predictable and easy – even at low speeds – which is a great benefit on crowded start lines and tight mark roundings.

The primary rig controls are based on the much admired BOSS and Buzz systems: the single ended vang (kicker) line is fed out under the mainsheet jammer so it is always adjustable from the wire. The much copied single line kite halyard and bowsprit system makes for quick hoists while the chute mouth in front of the jib means s are hassle-free on both gybes. The sheet loads are light enough for everyone to cope with easily, yet there is enough to occupy even the best crews – especially those who have only sailed single wire boats!

The most important aspect of the SPICE is that it is relatively forgiving – you can make quite a few mistakes without getting wet. You spend more time blasting and less time swimming! This makes it much less frustrating than other twin wire boats (or others of similar performance) so you can get into your racing much quicker. And if you’ve only sailed single-wire boats before, you’ll find trapezing next to your crew much more civilised: tactical discussions, polite requests and even warnings don’t have to be shouted to be audible!

The Spice is easy to right after a capsize and equally easy to handle ashore. The Spice is a great boat to get to grips with twin trapeze sailing.

Length : 4.25m
Beam : 1.90m
Weight : 85kg
Sail Area : 15.93m sq

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