Westerly Pageant Yacht / Sailboat

Westerly Pageant Yacht

Westerly Pageant Yacht

The Westerly Pageant is a well-constructed and reliable pocket cruiser. It is one of the smaller of the Westerly range, and shares the same styling as most other Westerlys of the period, such as the Warwick, the Centaur and the Longbow. The boat was designed in 1969 by Laurent Giles, and is strong and sturdy boat.

One of the main attractions of the Westerly Pageant is the amount of headroom below deck, much more than is common in a boat of this size. The Westerly Pageant was built to high specifications between 1970 and 1979 and has a Lloyds certificate to demonstrate her solidity. The Pageant has five berths, one of which can be turned into a double, offering the possibility for the Pageant to serve as a family cruiser. Four can comfortably sit around in the cockpit but there is room for six in close proximity. The Westerly Pageant serves very well in bad weather, and the cockpit remains surprisingly dry due to the height of the cabin. The interior of the boat is innovatively designed and has a large amount of storage underneath seats and berths, meaning with regular dockings the boat has enough space to live in for a number of weeks. The Westerly Pageant may not be as attractive as some other similar models but it is built to last and needs minimal repairs if it is looked after and maintained in good condition.

It is possible to sail the Westerly Pageant single-handed, and it is enjoyable to sail, offering comfort in rough conditions. The boat is not a racer but she gives a consistent and sturdy performance in all conditions and is a great family boat with tardis-like accommodation. Many owners keep the boats for a very long time and would recommend them to people new to sailing or looking for a safe and comfortable family cruiser.

Length : 23’1”
Beam : 8’0”
Weight : 4300lbs
Sail Area : 236 sq ft
Berths : 5

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