420 Sailing Dinghy

420 sailing dinghy

420 sailing dinghy

The International 420 dinghy is a strict one-design class, sailed by a crew of two. Fitted with a trapeze they are highly competetive. There are 56,000 worldwide. This popular dinghy is sailed at school, club, open, national and international levels. There are many second hand boats available, active clubs and excellent tuition for all levels.

The international 420 dinghy offers performance, strength and a higher degree of safety than many other classes. The buoyancy tanks are sealed and have Styrofoam flotation that will keep the craft afloat, even if holed. The rig is easily manageable in the strongest of wind conditions and performance is boosted with the addition of a trapeze and spinnaker.

The size and ‘easy to sail’ characteristics of the International 420 make it ideally suited for both competitive and recreational sailing by all members of the family, whether young or old. With status granted by the ISAF, the 420 has grown rapidly throughout the world and is now recognized as the premier youth training dinghy. The 420 sailing dinghy is the natural choice for National and World Youth Championships. The ISAF tightly control both design and construction ensuring the highest level of uniformity.

Length : 4.2m
Beam : 1.63m
Weight : 100kg (minimum)
Sail Area : Main 10.25m sq, Jib 2.8 m2