Albin Vega 27 Yacht / Sailboat

Albin Vega 27

Albin Vega 27

The Albin Vega 27 yacht was designed in 1971 by Per Brohall, a Swedish designer who was responsible for the very popular Viggen. The design was intended to replace the wooden prototype of the Vega that had been launched in July 1965. Brohall’s brief was to design a boat that was lightweight, had good performance, roomy and above all seaworthy.

The Vega is a 4 berth boat and can accommodation 2 adults in comfort, 4 for weekend sailing. The are two 6′ berths and two 6′ 6″ berths. The Vega is constructed of glass-fibre re-inforced polyester with glass-fibre frames and stringers which serve to stiffen the hull. Wood is in hardwood and veneered ply. . The mast and boom are of anodized aluminium.

The Vega is an all weather boat with excellent all round sailing qualities. The yacht is fast off the wind and was once holder of the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing. In slighter winds she has a steady performance due to the relatively small sail area.

Over 3450 Vegas were been bulit until production stopped in 1979. Many were sold in the four Scandinavian countries but others can be found in the USA, West Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, France, Italy, Greenland, Iran, and Hawaii. The Netherlands has around 230 boats.

Length : 8.25
Beam : 2.46m
Weight : 2.3t
Sail Area : 31.7m sq
Berths : 4/5