Anderson 22 Yacht / Sailboat

Anderson 22

Anderson 22

The Anderson 22 yacht is designed by Oliver Lee, a leading designer of high performance cruisers. The boat is extremely fast for its size and also has comfortable accommodation onboard large enough for a family, split into two berths, and some owners have even had 3 or 4 adults on board. The Anderson 22 can be used for club events or for family cruising and has proved to be a strong contender in a number of small competitions.

The lifting keel design of the yacht means that it is easy to tow or moor the boat even in a drying harbour. This is a particular advantage of the Anderson 22 yacht as few other boats with the same high performance in terms of speed and stability can offer this feature.

The interior of the boat is efficient, with a number of foldaway items so the cabins can be multi-functional. The design of the interior remains attractive, as does the appearance of the boat as a whole it is finished to a high standard both inside and out and is a reasonably priced small sailing boat. The Anderson 22 yacht has been described as an all-rounder because the boat is speedy enough to race and also comfortable and safe enough for family use. The interior is well thought out and while the headroom is not vast below deck, it would be possible to stay as a family or a couple on board for a sailing holiday.

Length : 22’9”
Beam : 7’7”
Weight : 2500lbs
Sail Area : 199 sq. ft.
Berths : 3-4