Balboa 20 Yacht / Sailboat

The Balboa 20 yacht is a US-made trailer-sailer with 450-lb. iron swing keel. Designed by Lyle Hess, famous for his Bristol Channel Cutter and other blue-water cruisers. Balboa 20 yachts are sturdy, forgiving, capable and safe coastal boats. Good for shallow water, since draft is 1′ 9″ with keel up, 4′ with keel down.

Built from late 1960s until early ’80s (?). Sister craft include Ensenada 20s (identical hull, different topsides) and RKS 20s. Rarely found outside North America.

If you have any further information on this boat please let us know.

Length : 20 ft
Beam : 7ft 1
Weight : 1700 lb
Sail Area : 174 sq. ft.