Bayraider Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Bayraider trailer sailer / yacht

Bayraider trailer sailer / yacht

The BayRaider dinghy from Swallow Boats is an exciting development in open boat design that brings real advances in safety and performance.

The Bayraider dinghy looks traditional, with a sweeping mahogany sheerline and two masted ketch rig but represents a thoroughly modern approach in both design and construction.

The Bayraider’s most unique feature is the water ballast system, effectively giving the owner two different boats for the price of one. The ability to add water ballast gives you the option to fill the under floor tank with 300kg of water, giving huge amounts of stability and nearly doubling the weight. If you are unsure of the conditions, sailing singlehanded, or have nervous crew on board it is very comforting to know that with the tank full she self rights from a 90 degree knockdown. Even with the tank empty she is extremely easy to right singlehanded

Length : 6.05m
Beam : 2.05
Weight : 350kg