Bradwell 18 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Bradwell 18 trailer sailer / yacht

Bradwell 18 trailer sailer / yacht

The Bradwell 18 is an 18 foot cruising yacht, offering to the owner more than usual comfort facilities and space found in boats of comparable size. The Bradwell 18 also offers sailing characteristics not unlike those of a good sailing dinghy. Yet being strong in construction has been proven under test to be exceptionally safe in adverse conditions.

The keel allows the Bradwell 18 to be trailed easily and launched with the minimum amount of effort and sits comfortably on most moorings. When towing, the mast stores neatly on the superstructure and rigging is a quick and easy operation. The Bradwell 18 is recognised as an excellent boat designed by experts for the beginners and the next step up from dinghies and a good performer for the experienced cruiser sailor.

In a review of 18ft & 19ft boats by Practical Boat Owner in July 2001 the Bradwell 18 as having good directional stability and modest performance.

Length : 5.71m
Beam : 1.90m
Weight : 544kg
Sail Area : 13.74 sq m


Two versions of this boat were manufactured; the mkI and the mkII. The keel raising arrangements are different. The mkI uses a handle that protrudes through the cockpit floor. The mkII uses rope or wire. Check the state of the keel before you purchase one of these. The keel is mounted on a bolt. This is glassed in under the cabin floor in a mkI and is difficult to get to. It should be easier to find in a mkII.