Coldham Hall Sailing Club


The Club is situated in the grounds of Coldham Hall Tavern and enjoys the riverside facilities provided therein. Coldham Hall is situated on the Yare and offers moorings to the many holidaycraft which now frequent the Southern Broadland Rivers during the holiday season. CHSC members have always enjoyed a friendly relationship with the landlord. Indeed it was thanks to the landlord that the club began its activities in 1951. Winter evenings it is used for committee meetings and the AGM is traditionally held in the dining room, one year this proved to be a problem as the pub had caught fire.

Club racing is held every Sunday morning from May to October. Dinghies and half-decked keel boats, round the cans and down river courses as per the race programme. Cruisers down river, alternate Sundays. Most racing is on a mixed handicap basis as members own a variety of boats. Predominant dinghies are Wayfarers (8) with a range of others, together with Norfolks (5) Yeomans (6) and River Cruisers (6). The Club owns two Wayfarer Dinghies, which are available for use by approved members.

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