Lake Harriet Yacht Club


Beautiful Lake Harriet, nestled in South Minneapolis, one of the chain of lakes in the highly acclaimed Minneapolis park system, is the place to be for sailing fun. From the first week in May through mid-September, Lake Harriet Yacht Club (LHYC) sponsors regattas, weekly club sailboat races, Wednesday night races, as well as seminars for sailors of all skill levels.

LHYC currently has MC and M16 fleets racing on the lake in club races. The MC has proven to be a very popular boat and LHYC has one of the largest fleets of MCs in the area. The M16 fleet, while not as large, has been a mainstay on the lake for many years. The club also sponsors Spring and Fall Regattas and invites and hosts races for C boats, X boats, and, on occasion - Lasers, in addition to MCs and M16s.

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