Lake Townsend Yacht Club


We are a very friendly, diverse group of people who enjoy cruising and racing small to medium size sailboats on Lake Townsend. You do not need to own a boat to join the club or to go sailing with us. Lake Townsend is one of the best inland sailing venues in the state.

The restrictions on power boats ensure that sailboats never contend with choppy water created by skiers and jet skis. With our pontoon signal boat and two Carolina skiffs, we can set race courses to match the wind conditions and make racing safe and enjoyable. With strong fleets of Flying Scots and Tanzers and a good mixture of other mono-hulls and multi-hulls we offer very competitive racing and a variety of learning experiences for new sailors. Fleets Flying Scot Fleet 126 Tanzer 16 Isotope Righting an Isotope

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