Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club


The RCIYC was founded in 1862, as a Jersey yacht club, although there is no doubt that there were some Guernsey residents present from the beginning. For the next 92 years it so remained, with all decisions being made in Jersey and any member wishing to attend a club function, having to travel to St Aubin’s. However in 1954, the Guernsey membership, having grown to several hundreds, it was felt appropriate that this island should have its own premises, control over its own finances, and its own flag officers. Saving that the superiority of Jersey was maintained. Guernsey could have a Vice Commodore, who remained junior to the Commodore in Jersey. All resolutions passed by the Guernsey committee were subject to ratification although such ratification was never actually withheld.

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57 Lower Pollet, St Peter Port. Guernsey, Channel Islands
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