Cal 21 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Cal 21 trailer sailer / yacht

Cal 21 trailer sailer / yacht

The CAL 21 yacht from Jensen/Lapworth is a cruising sailboat that is easily within the budget of most families. It features a fully retractable keel allowing the yacht to stores neatly on a trailer. It can be launched in a matter of minutes and in only 12 inches of water. A special hinged mast allows easy rigging the boat for sailing. The entire launching and rigging procedure takes less than fifteen minutes.

When sailing, the big 360 pound keel makes the CAL 21 yacht totally self-righting and the cockpit is self draining making the CAL 21 a safe sailboat. The special retractable keel is designed so that it is completely recessed within the hull for trailering. It remains locked in this position until the boat is launched at which time it is simply lowered to the sailing position by means of a special winch. With the keel retracted and the detachable rudder off, the boat is free to slide into the water without a snag

The interior has ample cruising accommodations for the average-sized family. It sleeps four in full-sized berths and there is room for two more in the big 8-foot cockpit perhaps under a boom tent. There is also space for a marine head and galley range.

The spacious 8-foot cockpit has handy stowage for sails and other gear. With a large crew aboard the seats convert easily into two berths. Auxiliary power in the form of a small outboard mounted on the special transom bracket will push the CAL 21 yacht along at 5 knots.

Length : 20ft 6
Beam : 6ft 8
Weight : 1100lb
Sail Area : 196ft sq
Berths : 2-4


Anyone with specs on what size motor to put on the Cal 21??  Is my 8 horse Yamaha long shaft to much motor???

What is the “Hull Speed” of this boat?

I have a 102cc Mercury Sailpower (4 or 5HP,i forget) on Emily Marie and she does just fine. The only concern with any ob is getting the prop into the rudder during manuvering. I installed a clamp on the tiller and a couple jam cleats on the transom to fix the rudder amidships while turning the ob motor. Shaft length isn’t going to alleviate anything as the rudder is fairly long. A pivot set up would be a great modification for this boat to aid in shallow water manuvering and beaching. When you do start grinding mahogany off with your prop, and it doesn’t take much contact, West System epoxy with High Density filler does a nice job of repair and the color isn’t far off. Hull speed on this boat is theoretically around 5.5 kts but I’ll be sorely surprised if she won’t hit 6 knots wiyh the genny. My biggest concern with your motor is weight and its effect on trim. I might not be the authority on motoring this boat as I find that I use the motor very little and am looking for some type of tafrail towed generator to charge my battery. All the solar cells I see seem not to be waterproof! The boat will go alot faster than one would think in the lightest of air and she just about turns on her heel. Sail ‘er like you stole ‘er! Guy