Catapult Catamaran

Catapult catamaran

Catapult catamaran

The Catapult is a lightweight catamaran with unique inflatable hulls. These hulls are made from Hyperlon, which is extremely difficult to damage. It is easily fits on a roof rack – even on a small car.

The Catapult is a true single-handed catamaran and requires no assistance when rigging, launching or sailing. It also features an ingenious and easy method of righting after a capsize – the only catamaran that has this easy-righting system.

It is easily sailed by 1 or 2 people and has breathtaking performance. Its sensationally fast for a 5m (16ft–4in) boat – 17.03 knots at Weymouth Speed week with peaks of over 20 knots.

Length : 5.0m
Beam : 2.25m
Sail Area : 10m sq
Portsmouth Yardstick : 893