Corribee Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Corribee trailer sailer

Corribee trailer sailer

The Corribee yacht was first built in 1965 to a design by Robert Tucker for a 21′ clinker built yacht. The design was bought by Newbridge Yachts in the late 1960s and built in fibreglass as a fin or bilge keeled yacht, progressing through 3 incarnations. It was also sold with junk rig, as were several of Newbridge’s boats, and called the Coromandel.

Corribee yacht Mark 1
From 1970(?) to ~1975
The original had a significantly different shape coachroof to later boats with a generally rather more angular appearance. Available from the start with bilge or fin keels. The fin keeled version draws 3′, the bilge keeled just 2’1″. There was a separate rudder with no skeg.

Corribee yacht Mark 2
Mark 2 CorribeeFrom ~1975 to ~1982
The coachroof design was changed substantially, giving a distinctive two level appearance, the mast being stepped on the lower “forecabin” roof. After this initial change the mark 2 continued to evolve throughout its lifetime, with an increase in headroom, a skeg being added to the rudder and the bilge keels becoming assymetric aerofoils to improve windward performance.

Corribee yacht Mark 3 From ~1982 to ~1986?
The mark 3 had many of the features of the late mark 2, but with a few almost cosmetic changes on the outside – including an anchor locker – and a significantly different interior, giving a two berth layout with a separate forecabin for heads and stowage.

Length : 20ft 9
Beam : 7ft 2
Weight : 2000lb
Sail Area : 154-175ft sq


I have just purchased an old mk2 Corribee which I intend to restore to glory. However, in my effort to join the association, I have heard that the chap that mainly ran it, was ill last year and therefore the association is not operative. I cannot find any phone numbers for committee members to talk to about things.
Has anybody any information on this because there are a number of questions that I would like to ask about the boat.(Nb – Have seen the website but cannot get anywhere by mailing so far). Robin Goodwin

Every article I have read about the Corribee refers to the Mk 2 being in production from 1975. Mine’s a mark 2 Fin keel Sail No. 138 (previously called Gwennan if anyone knows her). She was built in 1971 and I have the paperwork to prove it. Does anyone know the true history of the Mk 2?

I bought a corribee in 1967. It was built by Newbridge boats who were based in Wolverhampton prior to moving to the south coast. It had twin keels and was easy to tow. I enjoyed having it very much but it did not fit in with other commitments and had to go.