Drascombe Dabber Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Drascombe Dabber Yacht

Drascombe Dabber Yacht

The Drascombe Dabber is the smallest of the split-rig Drascombes and was first introduced in 1972.. the Dabber has all the energy and quality of finish of her larger sisters. A compact 4.72m (15ft 6ins) LOA, the Dabber carries a useful 118sq. ft. of sail with the help of a bowsprit and bumpkin. Both of which can be removed for transport and storage.

Alternatively a 2 or 4hp. engine will drive the Drascombe Dabber without difficulty, or you can row from either or both of the two positions. The Dabber is a surprisingly roomy family craft and has plenty of storage space. The foam buoyancy, a feature of all Drascombes, ensures the Dabber cannot sink. Equipped with a centre-plate, the Dabber draws only 8″ with the plate up, 3’ 0″ with it down.

The Dabber can be covered and left on a mooring or hitched up behind a car.

Length : 15ft 6
Beam : 5ft 10
Weight : 550lb
Sail Area : 118ft sq