Drascombe Longboat Yacht / Trailer Sailer

Drascombe Longboat

Drascombe Longboat

The Drascombe Longboat is Essentially a stretched Lugger, and originally intended as a training craft for sailing schools, Sea Scouts, etc. The light, elegant Longboat has an easily driven, 6.63m (21ft 9in) hull. The Lapstrake construction, a feature of all Drascombe boats, adds rigidity to the hull – as well as good looks.

Full-rigged, there’s 15.97 sq. m (172 sq. ft.) of sail to drive the longboat through the water. A 6 to 8hp. outboard will do the job when the wind s – or you can choose from the three rowing positions.

The Drascombe Longboat is roomy and stable enough for fishing expeditions and with a shallow draft, kick-up rudder and metal-reinforced stem, she’ll take you exploring coves and backwaters with ease.

You can add flexability to your longboat with the addition of a sprayhood and boat tent. With these you have the option of turning a dayboat into a weekender, accommodating up to four people.

Length : 6.63m
Beam : 2.0m
Weight : 400kg
Sail Area : 15.97m sq