Hawk 20 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

The Hawk 20 yacht is a 20ft self-righting, self-draining, shallow-draft, centre-board, sea-going day boat built in GRP. The boat is ideal for the day boat racing and cruising enthusiast, the family sailer who wants comfort and security for the family without losing the exhilaration of fast windward sailing, club day boat fleets for closely matched one-design racing and sailing schools. it is also highly suitable for holiday chartering organisations wishing to offer exciting sailing to experienced sailers and total security and ease of handling for the not so experienced or beginners.

The motor in the Hawk 20 is mounted in an inboard well directly in front of the rudder and, being well forward of the transom, there is little chance of cavitation. The boat is available in two versions, a day boat and cabin version.

The Hawk 20 yacht comes complete with a tilt-back road trailer with pivot and a multi-roller system with nylon bearings to take the drama and back- ache out of launching and recovery which can be done in minutes wearing ordinary sailing shoes instead of waders or boots, single-handed if necessary, with the trailer brakes and wheel bearings clear of the water.

Length : 20ft
Beam : 7ft 5
Weight : 1800lb
Sail Area : 140ft sq
Berths : 2