Hornet Sailing Dinghy

Hornet sailing dinghy

Hornet sailing dinghy

The Hornet was designed in 1953 by Jack Holt and has maintained its reputation as a high performance class. Being a Restricted Class, the class has been able to take advantage of new building techniques and material developments to constantly improve the performance of the Hornet. The Hornet’s durability is legendary. Many of the existing fleet are still competitive despite being over 18 year’s old. Durability is not only good for your purse, it allows you time to hone and refine the boat’s performance over years, not weeks.

The outer hull and sail plan are one design profiles but the rig and the deck layout are less restricted. Any deck layout is permissible: side tanks, double bottoms, crew decks, spaceframes, etc. A free choice of foils and spars means the class supports a wide spectrum of weights and strengths. Fourteens and other restricted classes allow costly development of the hull shape and the sail plan.

Length : 4.42m
Beam : 1.64m
Weight : 61kg
Sail Area : 9.75m sq

Fantastic boat built on the blackwater ,quite an old design, but still leaves a Fireball in its wake , but that was when I was young.

Stunning upwind performance. Exciting downwind sailing especially when close reaching.