Hunter 490 Yacht / Sailboat

Hunter 490 Yacht

Hunter 490 Yacht

Made by Hunter Boats Rochford Essex in the 1970’s, 80 Hunter 490 ‘s are said to have been built (I have never seen sail No 80 highest is 41).

The Hunter 490 was designed by Oliver J Lee who was famous for model racing yacht design but also designed the Squib one time Olympic Keel Boat alias Hunter 19, Hunter Europa, also the Hunter 701.

Hunter 490 ‘s are very quick capable, safe small cruisers and can give most of the competition a clean pair of heels. The Hunter 19 “WILLING GRIFFIN” was smallest competitor in the transat.

(Photograph by Ian Johnston)

Length : 4.9m
Beam : 2.01m
Weight : 1000lbs
Sail Area : Main 6.50m2 Jib 4.65m2
Portsmouth Yardstick : N/A
Berths : 2-3