Kyosho Seawind Sailing Dinghy

Kyosho Seawind

Kyosho Seawind

The Kyosho SeaWind rc yacht is a one design model sailboat is a meter replica of an America’s Cup yacht, manufactured by KYOSHO and distributed in kit form through hobby stores worldwide. The kit (base cost around $299: ready to sail with radio, servos and batteries, under $500) is designed for simple home assembly without special tools with an excellent instruction manual, yet the finished boat “out-of-the-box” delivers excellent performance satisfying to novice and experienced skipper alike.

The boat itself is made of sturdy ABS plastic with aluminum spars. A few early kits (SeaWind SE) were supplied with an alternative fiberglass hull but sale of these kits has been discontinued. The initial Class Rules tightly control the boat elements close to the kit to ensure new skippers are not faced with a costly refit to be competitive while allowing minor modifications to rigging (materials and adjustment methods) to facilitate tuning and to the hatch cover to ensure watertight integrity.

Features of the Seawind rc yacht include

One-piece ABS hull eliminates assembly and finishing, while providing a competitive, low-drag design.

Huge, rip-resistant polyester main and jib sails transform strong winds into winning speeds.

Streamlined keel and weight bulb stabilize and balance the hull for smooth sailing and truer tracking – no ballast required.

Push-pull rudder linkage makes optimum use of servo power.

Mast and booms are made from extruded, anodized aluminum for bend-resistant strength and longer life.

Keel, mast, booms and rudder detach quickly for easier storage and transportation.

Fittings and decal sheets add realistic racing looks with minimum work – included sling stand works well for display or pre-launch work stand.

2-channel radio with one standard servo for rudder-only control add second sail winch servo for rudder and sail control.

Length : 998mm
Beam : 225mm
Sail Area : 1870mm