Laser Vago Sailing Dinghy

Laser vago sailing dinghy

Laser vago sailing dinghy

The Laser Vago dinghy was designed by Jo Richards, based on his extensive knowledge of roto-moulded products and his reputation for designing a range of small boats including the world’s most popular roto-moulded boat – the Pico.

The Laser Vago incorporates versatility with sail combinations for a range of different sailing environments. The sub-chine area of the hull is designed in a way to promote early planing, whilst the tuned rocker profile enhances manoeuvrability. At deck level the sides have been flared out to provide good righting moment, enhancing buoyancy, whether hiking or on the trapeze and offers added space in the crew cockpit area. The Vago comes in two versions one of them has more sail area and a trapeze.

The Laser Vago dinghy is constructed from a Polyethylene Tri-Skin foam sandwich offering durability, and a hard wearing exterior which means maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. The shape offers outstanding performance.

The Laser Vago has a high boom giving more crew space and a simple layout with all control lines being easy to locate and use. The mainsail operates on a one line reefing system – pulling on one control line slab reefs the mainsail to 70 of its original size – this feature, coupled with a roller furling jib means a quick increase or decrease in sail power.

Length : 4.20m
Beam : 1.56m
Sail Area : 22.04m sq total