Laser 2000 Sailing Dinghy

Laser 2000 sailing dinghy

Laser 2000 sailing dinghy

Laser 2000 sailing dinghy Laser 2000 was designed by Phil Morrison and developed by the Laser Team. Its a great family boat, designed to be sailed with a variety of crew ability. The Laser 2000 gives superb performance whilst staying manageable for less experienced sailors, it’s popularity has grown tremendously over the last few years, sailing schools and clubs like the boat for it’s simplicity and “easy to sail” design. The Laser 2000 is also a great family boats that can be used for fun sailing or cruising.

Whilst the boat remains easy to handle in most wind strengths it still remains a challenge to get the best out of it. The Laser 2000 provides an easy step into asymmetric dinghy racing. With a 4:1 mainsheet system helming the boat is a breeze, and the kicking strap and cunningham are both led back to the thwart for quick control.

A furling Jib is standard meaning Laser 2000 can be transformed into a single hander in under ten seconds. It takes little more to simultaneously launch and recover the gennaker and gennaker pole with the single line system bringing high performance sailing into play like the flick of a switch. Sail and rig controls are perfectly positioned and easy to adjust. The loads on the gennaker, so often an issue on modern boats, can easily be managed by lightweight or young sailors in heavy winds.

The Laser 2000 is easy to handle ashore. Using the custom made lightweight robust launching trolley on most slipways a young teenager can launch singlehanded. Construction is GRP Foam Sandwich. This gives the benefits of normal fibreglass – it is easy to maintain, gives a long lasting finish, but with the added benefits of being lighter and stiffer.

Length : 4.4m
Beam : 1.85m
Weight : 100kg
Portsmouth Yardstick : 1089