Laser 4000 Sailing Dinghy

Laser 4000 sailing dinghy

Laser 4000 sailing dinghy

Laser 4000 sailing dinghy Laser 4000 is the new generation two-person single trapeze and gennaker sailboat that couples performance and exhilaration with comfort and control. Unique crew equalisation system enables crew combinations of different heights and weights to compete on equal terms. The deck layout is simple, clean and efficient.

On Laser 4000 there are no prizes for expensive go-fast extras. Every Laser 4000 is identical. Latest hull shape, new generation rig, and asymmetric gennaker take Laser 4000 into the highest level of performance sailing. Yet so sophisticated is the design that high speed racing can be enjoyed with sublime control. Steering is light, perfectly balanced and precise. The self-draining open plan deck provides acres of space and the Gnav system means massive working area for the crew. All systems are perfectly placed and easy to operate. The gennaker and pole are launched and recovered using a single line. The vital sail controls lead back to the helm. Sheet loads are easily managed by lightweight crews.

Laser 4000 is hand built. It’s robust, great looking and requires little maintenance. It is difficult to damage the hull, but it can be easily repaired.

Length : 4.64m
Beam : 1.50m – 2.30m
Weight : 80kg
Sail Area : 14.02m sq