Lido 14 Sailing Dinghy

Lido14 sailing dinghy

Lido14 sailing dinghy

The Lido 14 dinghy was designed by W.D. “Bill” Schock, founder of W.D. Schock Corp. The first Lido 14 was delivered in early 1958 and has been continuously manufactured by W.D. Schock Corp. ever since.

Approximately 200 boats were ordered and built in the first year and hundreds of boats produced annually through the 1960s. By the early 1990s, annual production was very slight, leading to the introduction of an d model, dubbed the 6000 Series, in 1995. By 1998, over 6300 Lido 14s have been built.

Both the original, also known as the “Classic Lido 14”, and the 6000 Series Lido 14 are equal in performance and regularly race against each other.

The “cruising” features of the dinghy are outstanding. Contoured bench seats run the full length of the cockpit and offer comfortable seating for up to six adults.

A carefully designed deck keeps the cockpit dry and provides good footing for boarding.

Beginners find the Lido 14 comfortable and safe and delightfully easy to learn in. They love its stability and its spacious cockpit

Length : 4.27m
Beam : 1.83m
Weight : 140.6 kg
Sail Area : 10.31sq m