M-20 Scow Sailing Dinghy

M20 Scow sailing dinghy

M20 Scow sailing dinghy

The M-20 scow sailing dinghy was designed by Harry Melges Sr. and Harry Melges Jr. in 1963 as the scow version of the Olympic Flying Dutchman class. The M-20 gained one-design status in 1963

The M-20 dinghy is 20′ long and 5’8″ wide. The M-20 carries 176 square feet of sail and a powerful 300 square foot spinnaker for offwind speed. The tunneled hull of the M-20 is the most unique feature and provides increased stability and structural stiffness.

An adjustable permanent backstay and flexible spar allow competitive crew weights to range from 270 to 450 pounds. As a result, the M-20 is very popular with families.

The M-20 is a great boat to sail and has an active and stable class membership iwhich produces quarterly newsletters and a yearbook

Length : 20ft
Beam : 5ft 8
Sail Area : 176 sq ft