M16 Scow Sailing Dinghy

M16 Scow sailing dinghy

M16 Scow sailing dinghy

This M16 is a 16 foot sloop (single mast with mainsail and jib). It is a solid and relatively easy to sail dinghy. It is an excellent craft for family crews and younger sailors alike.

The M16 is perfect for 2 moderately sized people to race or pleasure sail. The boat has all the sail-handling adjustments of a modern sloop and a scow hull design that makes her very fast and lively.

The boat was originally designed by Melges Boat Works but over the years, there have been several builders, including: Melges, Larson, Bay Boats, Pegal, Gill, Bowland, Tanzer, and Johnson.

Length : 16ft
Beam : 5ft 8
Weight : 440lb
Sail Area : 147sq ft