MacGregor 19 Yacht / Trailer Sailer

MacGregor 19

MacGregor 19

The MacGregor 19 was produced from 1992 to 1995. Its a trailer sailer / motor sailer that is the forerunner of the MacGregor 26. Like the 26 the MacGregor 19 has a water ballast system and centerboard instead of a keel, enabling a good balance between sailing and motoring performance.

When used under power, the lightweight hull will plane, allowing relatively high speeds to be attained. When sailing, the centerboard is lowered and the water ballast tank filled, providing good stability.

After launching, a valve on the transom is opened, and a water tank in the bottom of the hull is gravity filled with 800 lbs of sea water. The valve is then closed, trapping the water. Under power or sail, the 800 pounds make the boat stable and self righting. If the boat is going over 8 MPH and the valve is opened, the ballast tank will empty, allowing the boat to reach its maximum speed under power or sail. The tank can also be drained by pulling the boat on its trailer and opening the valve when the rig is on dry land. Gravity empties the tank.

The 19 when powered by a 40 hp outboard motor can easily pull a waterskier. Most sailboats will rarely sail over 7 mph. This boat gives you all the advantages of a fast cabin cruiser, with 25 mph speeds, along with the abilty to sail well.

The main cabin has seating for four. There is a galley and a place for an ice chest under the forward double berth. The table can be removed or clamped in any position on the deck support column. The head is fully enclosed for privacy.

Because the rudders and centerboard retract completely, the boat sits very low on its trailer and can be launched at any ramp. The trailer has a boarding ladder for easy access and vertical rails to keep the boat centered while it is being launched and recovered. The boat is light and can be towed behind smaller cars. Costly, hard to find in-the-water moorings are unnecessary, and the trailer gives you unlimited access to any finest sailing waters. The 19 also makes a great camper when on the road.