Macwester 26 Yacht / Sailboat

Macwester 26 Yacht

Macwester 26 Yacht

The Macwester 26 yacht is a sturdy bilge-keeled cruiser and was the first boat built by Macwester in 1964. It is comparable to the Westerly Centaur and was designed by C. S. J. Roy, who had previously worked for Westerly Marine. The Macwester 26 was a popular boat and as such has a long production history. Mark 2 versions were built in the early 1970s these were distinguishable by a slightly greater sail area. About 400 Macwester 26 ‘s were built overall.

Macwester 26 ‘s are solid boats they are spacious inside, especially for their size. A number of interior layouts were built, and owners have often made further modifications. Sailing performance is steady rather than fast, making it a comfortable and safe ride but perhaps not as exciting as some other boats of its size. Some Macwester 26 ‘s were built with an optional short bowsprit, and many more have later been fitted with a bowsprit. This improves handling and therefore the performance of the boat. The Macwester 26 most commonly came with a 7 hp Vire petrol engine but the majority of the boats will have been re-engined by now with more powerful modern engines.

In 1972, the Macwester 26 was replaced by the 27 the alterations made between the two boats were intended to improve windward performance due to a deeper keel. Macwester 26 ‘s remain popular however, and some owners have had their Macwester 26 from new. The Macwester Owners Association was founded in 1966 and has a number of members who own the 26 model. The boats can be sailed as a cutter or sloop, and they offer roomy basic accommodation. They are an affordable boat and are solid and secure.

Length : 7.9m
Beam : 3.0m
Weight : 3,000kg
Sail Area : 301 or 330 sq ft