Minicat 310 Catamaran

Minicat 310 catamaran

Minicat 310 catamaran

The Minicat 310 is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing catamaran. It is easily transported and fits into a bag (1350 x 300 x 400 mm), so you do not need a trailer. It easy fits in most normal sized family cars.

The MiniCat frame, to which floats attach, consists of polyester sections on a light-weight aluminium frame. The MiniCat is equipped with two inflatable floats 3.1m length and 30cm diameter whichare made of reinforced Valmex. This material is very hard wearing and was originally used in the production of white-water rafts.

The keel fins attach under each float. Their design gives excellent performance yet still allows the boat to be sailed in very shallow water without the risk of damage.

The Minicat can be assembled in under 30 minutes and is available in 3 models STANDARD, SUPER and SPORT and 5 different colours with plenty of accessories to choose from.

Length : 4.2m
Beam : 2.1
Weight : 44kg
Sail Area : 6.5m sq