Nicholson 26 Yacht / Sailboat

Nicholson 26 Yacht

Nicholson 26 Yacht

The Nicholson 26 is the smallest of the Nicholson fleet, and 64 were made overall. It is one of the most successful yachts in the Nicholson range. It is a trusty sea-boat with a long keel and 4 ton displacement. The hulls were molded by Halmatic and built by Burnes Shipyard, meaning the Nicholson 26 has a high quality finish.

The Nicholson 26 has an encapsulated ballast keel and is a strong, sturdy sail, receiving great reviews from owners. It has a good reputation as an early GRP classic. The boat was developed by South Coast One Design in the 1960s.

The interior of the boat has more than 6’2″ headroom in the saloon, which means that the Nicholson 26 is surprisingly spacious and comfortable. The boats have four berths and so can be used for family cruising. The Nicholson 26 is more than capable of sailing long distances and can be sailed singlehandedly without great difficulty. Even though the Nicholson 26s are small boats, they are classically designed and retain a timeless elegance. The Nicholson 26 is reliable and safe and is a popular, sought after yacht.

Length : 26’7”
Beam : 7’9”
Weight : 10,280 lbs
Sail Area : 302 sq. ft
Berths : 4