Nicholson 38 Yacht / Sailboat

Suited to long distance cruising, the Nicholson 38 is reliable and solid and is still in existence around the world. Approximately 150 Nicholson 38 ‘s were built between 1966 and 1973.

Nicholson 38 Yacht

Nicholson 38 Yacht

The Nicholson 38 is coming up to her 40th Birthday and was originally designed by American Naval architect John G.Alden. Camper & Nicholsons bought rights to the Nicholson 38 design in the mid-60s. When received, the Nicholson 38 designs were converted from a centre-boarder to a conventional long keeler. The Nicholson 38 was Originally conceived by C&N as a motor-sailer but this label was quickly forgotten when she won the Yachting World One of a Kind Rally for motor-sailers being by far the fastest under sail and sail and power combined.

Production of the Nicholson 38 ceased in the mid-70s as they were too expensive to build.

Length : 11.5m
Beam : 3.2m
Weight : 15904lbs
Sail Area : 660 sq ft